Where has the summer gone?

How often do we say this as we hit the midway point in August? I think I always feel like I have taken summer for granted at this point or squandered it away. I guess that's just the seasonal part of being Canadian.

Periwinkle Blue has had a great summer. Attending The Rosseau Market was wonderful. The setting down by the water in the charming village of Rosseau Ontario is a bonus. The market is so well organized and run and the other vendors are lovely. All the produce and products sold of of such high quality and it is just a fabulous experience to be a part of. I have met so many great people and always leave with something I have learned about product suggestions, marketing, gardening, cooking, and always a life lesson. 

Last week I was beside a master gardener and learned that all that crown vetch I was weeding from my garden has to be put in the garbage so it won't continue to spread. 

I have ordered the clips for pacifiers (thanks to the suggestion from a group of young moms) and also will be starting inserts for our small bags to hold your essential oils.I love when the ideas for new products come from the clients.

The pencil case rolls have been an extraordinary hit this summer. I was so excited to make these and am thrilled that they are so well received. I know I would have LOVED one of these as a kid. But maybe that's just my passion for pencil crayons. I can hardly walk past them in a store. Colour and order all in one box!

I'm busy with a new line of cards that should be appearing on the website soon.

Thanks for reading this and your interest in Periwinkle Blue.