About Us

We are a Mother - Daughter team.

We love fabric and all things fabulous.

We have been sewing forever(slight exaggeration)----Especially the "mom" who taught the "daughter".

We have been in business for eleven years.

A bit about our story below:


In case you’re wondering, our product stared out with one bag. It was created by my mom (Jane) who is an amazing sewer. We couldn't find the right travel bag to go with our toiletries when we travelled. When we weren't travelling we still wanted to put our stuff that needed to go into little bags.

Our absolute LOVE of fabric and design encouraged us to create our own. This evolved into another size, and then another...you get it. We couldn't decide on just one fabric, as the designers out there are amazing in producing a variety each season. So every bag became different. Woo Hoo!

Is this time consuming and a marketing nightmare? Yes! However we love it. Every bag has beautiful fabric that can match your mood, your colours, your style. They are also great gifts.

We continue to bring you unique lines with high quality fabrics that are hand picked by us. Then hand sewn by mom (aka Jane).